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Women's Golf

Women’s 9 Hole Golf League

Whether you are just learning to play golf or prefer to play just nine holes of golf, our Nine Hole ladies would love to have you join our league.
We offer three flights based on your handicap. So join us and play with ladies of all skill levels, but most of all to have fun.
Our Tournament Chairpersons, Marcia Hinchberger and Justine Fitzgibbons schedule a variety of games each week, and then many of our members gather in the Pub Patio for refreshments and social time.
Along with our weekly play, we have many social events put on by our Social Chairperson, Gail Reeve, who always provides a good time for all.
Please contact our Membership Chairperson, Marlene DeGraaf for more information at (239) 599-4404 or our President Judy Riordan at (239) 543-3753.

Hope to see you soon!

Women's 18 Hole Golf Association

The Del Tura Women's Golf Association has been providing socialization and competitive golf since 1983. Women of all skill levels are invited to join. Whether you have played golf for 40 years or never touched a golf club until you moved to Del Tura, it's a great way to improve your game, enjoy our beautiful weather and wildlife, exercise, meet new people, and best of all have fun. 
We offer four flights based on your handicap. So whether you are just learning golf, have been a club champion or you fit somewhere in between-you can feel comfortable playing. Our goal is socialization and fun!
If you have any questions, please call either Sandy Vassallo, our President, at (248) 755-1176, or Margie Blackwell, our Vice President, at (239) 728-7548.