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Del Tura Tuesday Mixed Bowling League
Bowland Cape Coral, 42 Mid Cape Terrace
(Off Santa Barbara just south of Hancock)

This is a non-sanctioned, handicap mixed league having 4 person teams. Teams are assigned 1 high, 1 low and 2 mid average bowlers, husbands and wives are not assigned to the same team unless requested.

The season, approximately 20 weeks, usually starts the last Tuesday of October and runs though the month of March with 2 or 3 weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s.

Bowling starts at 1:30 PM with practice/warmups 10 minutes before.

The league is always looking for new bowlers, regulars or subs, beginners or experienced.

League officers:

President - Leon Buss 612-718-9572

Vice President - Cindy Baron 603-398-8001

Treasurer -  Sue Baron 239-731-3045

Secretary - Denise Rose 815-222-6466