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F.I.S.H.  (Friends In Service Here)
Organized and run by an independent group of dedicated Del Turians
Phone: (239) 997-3474 ( 997-FISH )


F.I.S.H. was organized by a group of Del Turians who not only recognized a need for providing a helping hand to neighbors in time of necessity but acted positively to fulfill that need. We assist in helping the residents by providing volunteers to help in many ways.


When a resident requests help, the caller should provide his/her name, telephone number, address, and purpose to be serviced. They should also provide the date and estimated time this service will be needed. 

Medical Equipment

We loan wheelchairs, walkers, shower seats, canes, commodes & crutches. 


We will provide rides to hospitals, drug stores, doctors, appointments, and grocery shopping. Arrangements must be made 48 hours in advance 


If you know someone who would appreciate a call, a card, and/or a visit to the home, please call us. We will call you to wish you a Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary on your special day. 

Holiday Baskets

During the Holidays we deliver goody baskets to acknowledge and support their fortitude and assure them assistance. 

Flu Clinic

We offer the opportunity to receive your flu shots in the Fall at our own clubhouse as a convenience, coordinated with the VNA. 

Fruit Tree Projects

We will pick and collect your unwanted fruit from your yard and donate it to the Soup Kitchen. If you have a grapefruit, lemon, or orange tree that will harvest soon and you can't eat all of them, please contact us so we can pick them and continue our drive to feed the homeless.