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Men's Golf

The Del Tura Men's Golf Association

Del Tura Mens Golf Association

The Association was founded and continues to support the many golf tournaments and events at Del Tura Country Club.  The following is a partial explanation of the sponsored events and other pertinent information:

1.       The Presidents cup is typically played in late fall.  All member golfers are invited to play.  The format is single elimination with head to head competition.  The golfers are flighted according to handicaps.  You need to be a member of Del Tura country club to play in this event.

2.       The Wednesday morning golf is sponsored by the DTMGA- - there are two leagues—the 18 holers and the 9 holers from which you can choose.  Both tee off early—typically 8 AM.  You need to be a Del Tura CC member to play in the 18 holers, but not the Gold Flight—nine holers.  

DTMGA events with the exception of the nine holer (GOLD) event must be members of the Club.   View the bylaws for specific details.  

3.       The member-member event—Members pair up and play two days of golf low ball and low total.

4.       The Member Guest event.  Members are playing with a guest of their own choosing, provided the guest is not a resident of Del Tura.  The event is followed by a dinner and the presentation of awards.  Dress is business casual. 

5.       The Club Championship is held early in the year and is again an event where members match their skills.  

6.       The Awards Banquet—held early in January and where golfers are presented their trophies as well as the “Green Jacket” for Del Tura. Dress rules—long pants and jackets.

7.       There is a Jack & Jill event generally held in January. Golfers and their partners compete in two person teams.  

8.       There are several barbeques where all members are invited to a cookout in the courtyard or poolside. Come and enjoy the food and beverages as well as the camaraderie.  

9.       The DTMGA dues are $25 per annum and are due in December for the following year.  They can be paid in the pro shop or given to the DTMGA Treasurer. For new residents and new residents only, you can pay in the Fall and be covered for the remainder of the year and the next year. 

10.   A Hole in One on the Dl Tura course qualifies a golfer for a $50 prize and recognition on a DTMGA plaque.  You apply for the prize money in the Pro Shop.

11.   The DTMGA meets approximately four-six times per year in the main DT building and all members are invited. DTMGA updates are given by the officers and the Course Manager. 

12.   The DTMGA has a website where you can get all news on the Association as well as the bylaws, PGA rules and archival information.  Most course events, including those sponsored by the Club, are listed on the calendar in the website.  

13.   The Association has a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer 

14.   THE DTMGA has a Tournament, Handicap, Rules, Course liaison, Nominating, MEGA, and a hole

in one committee.  There are chairmen for each committee.

15.   There are several group events during the year such as barbeques/ refreshments and can be restricted  HTA and their Covid restrictions.

16.   The MEGA committee provides opportunities to visit and play other golf courses in the area. 

17.   Since there is a pandemic on, you will be advised by the DTMGA website on groupspaces as to current events.   The dungeon will have postings as well. 

18.   Visit the golf website @

19.   So, if you are a golfer, join the Association and us for the fun and fellowship. 

President –Ron Large:  [email protected].

Vice-President   Will Rossman 

Roger Rockenbaugh—Treasurer: [email protected]

Dave Klein-- Secretary :   [email protected]     715-927-7989