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Membership Committee

Membership dues are now being taken for 2023

Did you know that joining the HOA in Del Tura is only $12 per household per year? 

Do you know that for $12 per household you receive:

     - 10 issues of the Del Tura Tower magazine to keep you up-to-date on all the happenings in Del Tura

     - early purchase of tickets to all HOA sponsored events

     - reduced ticket prices to entertainment offerings

Don't miss out on the best value around.  HOA dues are by calendar year so your dues for the year 2023 are due by January 1, 2023 for that year. 

Remember, if you are not a paid HOA homeowner you will not be able to vote in any election.  Only paid members get one vote per household. 

If you are a renter you are still able to join the HOA for the $12 and get all the benefits except you are NOT allowed to vote.  But that $12 is still worth a lot so please join and keep apprised of all the happenings here in Del Tura.

Pay your dues at Tuesday coffee or the HOA office during posted office hours.