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Excerpt From Hometown America Phase 3 Communication:
**Changes to Community Protocols**

We’ve outlined any changes to existing protocols below. We know that close contact with other people, especially indoors, increases risk. The more people an individual interacts with at any gathering, and the longer the interaction lasts, the higher the risk of becoming infected and spreading the virus to others.*** No matter where you go, please stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms.***

**Pools and Fitness Centers**
will have hours of operation as listed below, with increased cleaning before or after closing. Facilities will close for an hour midday to allow for extra cleaning. All occupancy and cleaning protocols will remain the same.

Main Pool- 9am-10p, closed 12pm-1pm for cleaning

North Pool- 9am-10p, closed 1pm-2pm for cleaning

South Pool- 9am-sunset, closed 12pm-1pm for cleaning

Sierra Madre Pool- 9am-sunset, closed 12pm-1pm for cleaning

Madera Pool- 9am-sunset, closed 1pm-2pm for cleaning

Fitness Center- 6am-10pm, Closed from 1pm-2pm for cleaning

will be open to groups of the same household, open for fifteen-minute time slots. Residents are required to wipe down the area and door handles upon exit with provided cleaning supplies. Hand sanitizer will be available for use before entering.

**Sales and Operations Offices**
will continue to remain closed with the current protocols in place.
Outdoor gatherings will no longer have a limit on number of guests. Residents are expected to social distance at six feet or more at all times. Reservations for spaces will be required, along with a questionnaire of safety protocols in place during the event, including required mask use and social distancing guidelines.

**Contact sports**
will continue to follow the current safety protocol in place.

**Noncontact sports courts**
, such as pickleball and shuffleboard, will remain closed to promote social distancing during play. For game reservations, we suggest team members be of the same households. No congregating before or after play or spectators are allowed.

**Darts and billiards**
are recommended to be played by members of the same household. Players will need to bring their own supplies when possible, and masks are required indoors.

**Nonsporting outdoor facilities**
, such as dog parks, will continue to follow the current safety protocol in place.

will continue to follow the current safety protocol in place.

**Card games**
will not be allowed at this time, to encourage distancing of six feet or more. We have found card games to be a high-risk behavior in our communities.

**Water fountains**
will remain closed. We suggest all residents bring their own water bottles.

**Clubhouse reservations**
remain required and are available for groups of 50 or less. For groups larger than 20 guests, doors must remain open to improve air ventilation. Our attendance limit policy is based off of CDC guidelines that classify medium-sized in-person gatherings as medium-risk. Masks are required indoors and we encourage individuals to remain spaced at least six feet apart from individuals in other households.

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