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Even though FMO is a member-funded organization, many of the things they do affect every manufactured home owner in Florida. Think about it, thousands of people are supporting an organization whose accomplishments benefit over one million others who don't.

Of course, membership has its advantages, and they offer many valuable services to members:

  • Full Service Website
  • Bi-Monthly Magazine
  • Monthly e-Mail Newsletter 
  • Facebook Page
  • Dedicated lobbyist in Tallahassee,
  • “Legal Ease”, advice for residents and HOAs from FMO’s Legal Council
  • A preferred provider program
  • Discounted emergency road service. 
  • The association of others who are willing to come together to fight for your rights. 

The cost for all of this for an annual membership is only $25 ($2.08 per month), a fraction of its worth.

FMO Website

The state of the art website provides up to date news from Florida and around the country on issues affecting manufactured home owners. Resources center provides links to programs and contacts at State & Federal agencies ready to help. Legal & Legislative sections provide a full reference center of information including links to current statutes and rules. Researchers will find additional information and links to demographic and census information. Contact info for officers & committees is there as well.

FMO Magazine

One of the most popular benefits for members, the FMO Magazine is a publication devoted to the manufactured home owner's lifestyle. Each issue contains current information on legislative issues, legal cases and consumer concerns. The magazine is published bi-monthly and is posted on the website. Back issues are available on the website as well.

FMO Newsletter

A supplement to the FMO Magazine, the Newsletter reports on late-breaking news and events. Published the first of each month, it is e-mailed to all members and  is posted on the FMO Website.  Back issues are available on the website for review or reference..

Facebook Page

Those looking to link to FMO on Facebook may find us here.

Dedicated Lobbyist

Legislative Council Nancy Black Stewart represents FMO members in Tallahassee and provides staff with valuable training and insight on the legislative process.


Legal Questions and Answers - In every issue of FMO Magazine, FMO Legal Counsel responds to questions submitted by FMO members. These articles are archived on our website providing a rich compendium of legal advice useable by residents and HOAs,

Preferred Providers 

At FMO, we're always looking for ways to save our members' money. One of the most popular is our Preferred Provider Programs, which gives members the opportunity to get more bang for their buck on many items and services.

Cross Country Motor Club

Cross Country Motor Club - Since 2000 FMO has been affiliated with Cross Country Motor Club (CCMC), the largest privately held motor club provider in the USA.

FMO Membership Services

The Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida, Inc. is the only nonprofit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the rights of over 1.2 million manufactured home owners in the state of Florida. While many of our resources target Florida legislators, making them aware of the problems that face homeowners and persuading them to affect positive legislation that will protect our members. Please scroll down to read more about each of our services.


Survey results reveal that 71 percent of FMO members joined FMO because of the clout it gives them in the Florida legislature. Every year, the FMO Board of Directors identifies areas that may make manufactured home owners vulnerable and then formulates a legislative agenda that is aggressively pursued by our legal counsel, lobbyist, and members.

Legal Counsel

FMO's Legal Counsel reviews specific cases each year and provides advice to the Board to the Board of Directors. Member issues affecting our communities are selected bi-monthly and a response published in the Legal Ease column in FMO Magazine. 


FMO's lobbyist works diligently to progress legislation that affects seniors, families, and associate members who comprise our membership. During the legislative session regular updates and Breaking News are posted on the FMO website. Additional reports are made in the Newsletter and FMO Magazine. Count on FMO to look out for your best interests in Tallahassee.


Board members, officers, staff, and legal counsel work behind the scenes to help you find the information you need to set up a homeowners' association, run an effective meeting, set up acquisition committees or file an official complaint. Members have the collective resources of the FMO at their disposal when they need assistance.


FMO conducts annual HOA board training sessions throughout the state. These sessions are approved by DBPR to satisfy the board member training requirement under FS 723. HOA board members, prospective board members, and residents interested in the statutes governing their tenancy should attend.

Public Service

"People Helping People" is one of the founding principles of FMO, and our members prove it every day. We are also partnered with a number of organizations working in the areas of affordable housing, disaster recovery, and Senior programs.


Just complete the application HERE and the FMO team will have you subscribed in no time.
Del Tura FMO representative: Alberta Dugo
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