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Native Garden Club at Del Tura

The 'All Native Garden Club at Del Tura' will be holding once a month meetings on the first Friday of the month at 10am in the Clubhouse/Jacaranda room.

We will be breaking ground on November 22nd for the first phase of the garden.

If you would like to "help us grow" with a donation or desire to have your name placed on an item, please contact our treasurer: Kat Rossman, 1404 Avenida Sierra, [email protected], (970)404-1957.  She can tell you about the items on our wish list.

The next plant sale will be February, 14th, 2022, from 9-12am, at the garden site (corner of Gran Via & Escorial).  Parking at the front office is available.  Then walk across the lawn.  Golf carts can pull up on the lawn.

All other questions about the garden can be directed to Claire McNair, (508)344-9920, [email protected]


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